Custom Lambretta Scooter Paint Job airbrsuhed artwork design

Outstanding Quality artwork and Finish, Custom Airbrishng Design on Lambretta Scooter by us  at Blaze ArtWorks studio . ‘We airbrushed this scooter for a big fan of Derby County, this was more than just regular paintwork, ‘It was honor to create this piece of artwork as a tribute to legendary Biran Clough and Peter Taylor’20131217_112952Lambretta custom Paint Job 2013-12-19 16.44.4820131217_113004


Completed Ghosty Skull Custom airbrushed Helmet

Just completed this Ghost Skull Custom Airbrushed helmet,  it would look amazing with any V Twin or streetfighter Bike, I decided to make it very subtle at the end of the day, not everyone likes  [...]

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