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How to place and order?

It’s Simple, If you looking for one of the popular head turning design just go to our online shop www.blazeartworks.com/shop where you can find the one you like and order one using our checkout , simply select design, enter your details and choose your payment method, PAYPAL , DEBIT or CREDIT CARD option, once payment cleared we will start on your project as soon as possible.

If you require custom one off design on helmet, bike, car or any other item you may have simply drop us a line on facebook or use our contact page www.blazeartworks.com/contact/
Alternatively give us a call on 01335230548 or 07853306968 to discuss your idea .
Once we got a clear understanding of your design ideas you will receive an email with quote from us
We require upfront payment on any project priced up to |£450 anything above we take 50% with order and remaining 50% on project completion.

Do you ship helmets internationally?

Yes we ship helmets Globally at very good rates.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We Accept Paypal Credit and Debit Cards

Can I supply my own helmet?

We happily work on helmets supplied my customers, however it has to be fibreglass, or carbon material, due to solvent materials used for most applications, any helmet sent to us has to be damage free.

How long does it take?

Turnaround times varies depending on the time of the year and design complexity, in average it take 8 days to complete order as we always have 3 or 4 helmets in a queue that we need to finish before we start on next orders, please feel free to inquire about current lead time to get exact turnaround time.

How do I look after my painted helmet?

Warm, soapy water is suitable for cleaning and most polishing compounds can be used.
After use in the wet, it’s best to remove the visor shield and clean underneath to avoid
Grit from scratching the paintwork when the visor is lifted

Can I use helmet on the Roads

The helmet can be used Legally in Us and Canada, they are not legal to use on the roads of UK due to the narrow vision area and Tinted visor.