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Motorcycle helmet custom paint

Regular, race and streetfighter style motorcycle, scooter, car and go-kart crash helmets all have the potential to be redesigned and airbrushed by experienced helmet airbrushing artists.

At Blaze ArtWorks, you can choose from one of our ready drawn designs on wide range of Bandit and Simpson helmets of your choice, or if you want something more personal, we will create bespoke artwork for your helmet.

Custom Helmet designMotorcycle helmet custom paint

Depending on your requirements, you will be advised on what designs would suit your needs; our technicians will create a design matching your selected themes and ideas. Logos, pictures and text can be incorporated into every modification, with no limits on the design requests that can be applied to your helmet.

Submitting your design ideas

Please Use This link  to send us a rough sketch of your ideas  outlines and colours ,  to give us better understanding  of your design vision

Design concept

If you wish to see your design  before we actually start, we offer a professional digital rendering service using latest graphic software to create  a concept of your  helmet, there is £75 fee applied for this service.

Painting an existing helmet

To restore your old helmet to its original vigour, get it resprayed with Minor stone chips and scratches repaired. Cracked or damaged helmets cannot be accepted.


We only work on  ECE, Snell, DOT safety standard approved helmets, using latest’s compliant materials to meet all safety guidelines, and make sure that helmet integrity is not affected in any possible way.


Each helmet is different, with the complexity of the design and working times varying from project to project. Simple designs can start from £190, while the average race helmet design ranges between £350 and £600 plus price of new helmet if required.

Airbrushed murals, cartoons and other examples of personalisation are costed on their complexity, in order to give you accurate price we will need to know as much details about design as possible, reference pictures if possible.

Choosing a size

To make sure that you receive the right size helmet you must know how to correctly measure your head, here are some simple steps:

  • Obtain a flexible measuring tape

  • Wrap it round your head approx one finger width (2cm) above your eyebrows

  • Note the measurement in centimeters

Following this procedure will measure the largest possible circumference of your head, making sure that your bespoke helmet fits on arrival.

Standard sizes are:

XS = 54,    S = 55/56,     M = 57/58,     L = 59/60,     XL = 61/62,     XXL = 63

Dispatch and turnaround 

Designing and creating your bespoke helmet takes around 6- 14 working days before shipment for next day delivery to UK mainland addresses.

International orders are sent by standard post which takes 10-14 days, but express shipping (4-5 days) is also available.

To find out more about customized helmet airbrushing and painting, contact Blaze ArtWorks on  +44(0)1332230548