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Blaze Artworks story

Character and personality

There’s nothing quite like rolling into traffic or performing at motorsports with a custom badass accessory on your head that screams character and personality. There’s excitement, movement, danger and street character in the stylish paintwork and artistry of Blaze Art Works. The award-winning paint studio Blaze Artworks was set up to combine urban street sensibilities with a biker sentiment and a passion for customized airbrushed motorcycle helmets.

Transform dull motorbike helmet
into unique statements

For bikers and motorsport performers, Blaze ArtWorks transforms dull Motorcycle helmets into a unique fashion and culture statements. Each helmet is painted and airbrushed by hand with custom designs influenced by the skull and bones aesthetic – emblems of defiance – as well as the punk, heavy metal, death metal, and rap subcultures. Featuring elaborate designs and textures that will withstand the test of time, Blaze Art Works’ helmets are a symbol of mischief with a hint of menace that coalesces into a signature aesthetic that is both optically alluring and kinetically memorable.

Meet the expectations of each customer

The team at Blaze ArtWorks spends time exploring the vision and artistic expectations of each customer, turning those into unique, one of a kind pieces that they can be proud of. Blaze ArtWorks delivers on premium urban grunge and artistic cool design, smashing stereotypes with its ‘art meets biker’ street persuasion. The studio is your ultimate choice for a helmet design that is totally unique, out of this world and outstanding.

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