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March 11Th, 2022

Customized helmet VS the regular helmet

Why people prefer a customized helmet VS the regular helmet?

There is a growing demand for specialized helmets amongst motorcycle riders, and not just the high profile and well-sponsored racers like Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi like it used to be, Everyday riders who choose to emphasise their personal styles and interest across a very personalized riding helmet is becoming more popular and more interesting as each person reveals his personal design while enjoying their favorite leisure time, riding their motorcycle.

Why people prefer a customized helmet VS the regular helmet

There are two main and distinct styles in which these custom airbrushed helmets are derived.

  • First, the freehand artwork style where the artist uses an airbrush like it is a paintbrush without any masking or stenciling. This highly talented method allows the artist to draw live artwork directly onto the helmet. You could see the designs of anything imagined from superheroes, cartoon characters and even portraits that come to life right before your eyes.

  • The other is a sports style custom airbrushing design using an airbrush. This particular style uses the airbrush more like a mini spray gun rather than like a paintbrush, applying a specific color only where it is needed. First, the artist precisely masks out the pattern to ensure the color in its design.

Let’s look first into the freehand artwork style using the airbrush, the style where the artist gets to truly shine a light on his capabilities and expertise.

The freehand method, as the style sounds, uses no stencils or masking. The entire design is seen in the mind of the artist and flushed out of the creativity of his mind, well that is after reviewing his idea with the client in a visual format first. The most basic example would be if you have ever walked down the boardwalk of a highly touristic area, you will often see the artists who draw a live caricature of yourself or couples.

The street artist will generally overemphasize a particular characteristic of you. Maybe elaborating your luscious lips, chiseling out your jaw more or adding more definition to your muscles. Now take this most basic idea and place it in the hands of a highly talented artist to freehand airbrush any desired design across your motorcycle helmet.

Design options

Design types popular with the freehand artwork style are typically the skull or flame designs those associated with bike culture. An overly elaborate realistic skull wrapped around the helmet with eyes worked into your tinted visor or a raging fire with flames leaping up from the base of a helmet appearing to burn up as they escape at the top. Feeling crafty you could even have the two brought together to look like a real flame skull.

This same style can be used to embed your favorite superhero as well. With the proper talent manning the airbrush you could turn yourself into Ironman and maybe hand out a few Tony Stark autographs when you pull your bike over for a coffee. Any and every superhero is possible if you have dreamed it as a kid you can now live it as an adult. Picture your helmet all in red with a web wrapped around it and two large blacked-out eye patches on the visor, you are officially Spiderman.

If green more your color and you have a bit of a sense of humor. You could easily wrap a nice orange eye band around the middle of your highly artist green helmet and Michelangelo of the ninja turtles now rides a sportbike to his day job. Batman, Hulk, or an endless supply of Marvel Comic option are all possible.

A category all its own is the either highly loved or deeply feared, jesters, jokers, and clowns of our suppressed childhoods. Re-mastered throughout history to either evoke fear or laughter, usually the person seen under these helmets has a personality not so different from the jokester or clown painted on the outside. The creepy and over-exaggerated smile from the Batman’s Joker brought to life across the chin of your helmet or the misleading smile of Krusty the clown to represent the clowns closest to your heart.

To bring the look more accurately to life, each of the designs listed will require a certain style of helmet, will touch more on that shortly.

For something just as equally as eye-catching that might appeal to the more refined types, the freestyle artist can depict a portrait across what used to be an everyday helmet. Remember that Einstein poster you had on your dorm room wall throughout college, you know, the one where he is sticking his tongue out. Now might be the time to get that tongue sticking out at the guy behind you at a set of traffic lights.

The classic Marilyn Monroe black and white or a Michael Jackson thriller pose, all things pop-culture are possible. Even the photo of a cute kid on their first birthday with cake across their face could be memorialized for yourself, or as a one of a kind graduation present for little Johnny himself. Artistic portraits captured in your helmet are a unique way to highlight what is most important to you and bring it to the world. The ability to capture a part of nature can be realized as well. From replicating a photo you took of nature at its finest moment, to a symbolism animal like those of Olympic athlete custom helmets. Canadian, Dave Greszczyszyn who races in one of the most terrifying Olympic sports, skeleton, could be seen screaming down an icy track at PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018 in a custom helmet. He had a customized Grizzly bear roaring across the front of his helmet. Both a symbol of his country and his bravery. If anyone knows the need to conjure up some internal emotion with symbolism it’s a skeleton racer with a Grizzly bear across his helmet.

An airbrushed freestyle design by Blaze Art Works is generally more popular among typical street, urban, hobby and enthusiasts riders. The ones that like to stand out from the crowd and get attention. Sometimes positive, like those who request the grinster or smiley-faced helmets. Then there are those who request designs that try to try intimidate other riders or bring the occasional child to tears when they first encounter a helmet with a lifelike skull or other creepy design.

Choosing the right helmet for the job For helmet customization, it is important to look at the helmet from both your perspective, protecting your head and the most vital organ in your body, the brain.

As well it is important to look at the helmet from the artist perspective, a design style that will aid in bringing your look more real to life. If for example, you are looking to make a character helmet, you will need that helmet to more resemble a human skull. This style of helmet is only built by a select few brands, Simpson, Bandit and Matrix Helmet. For something like a sports replica helmet,

almost all are suitable as long as they are made from composite material and comply with certain regulations, like Bell, Arai, and Stylo. To ensure that you have a helmet made from quality fiberglass or composite material to withstand solvents contained in paints and lacquer that will avoid any shell damage.

Check with the designers at Blaze and make sure your helmet is worthy of their worthy designs. With two distinct customization options and a bottomless supply of design possibilities to highlight your personality and personal interests, it’s good to know it is all possible. Creepy clowns, iconic portraits, the look of a formula one racer or even your fuzzy friend can all be brought to conception with a highly skilled helmet customization artist.Get the right helmet, the right design and the right information from the right people at Blaze Art Works Studio.