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I believe that every person is an artist deep inside

Pavel Vlasov

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Pavel Vlasov AKA ‘Paul’ first caught a passion for airbrushing at 10 years old when he spotted an artist at a fairground touching up some panels with stunning graphics. That instantly transfixed Pavel’s attention and he instantly resolved to become an artist just like that man he’d seen. Pavel was born and raised in the former Soviet State of Latvia in a low-income family. His love of airbrushing never ceased and he tracked down the fairground artist and after his mother offered the man some money, commenced lessons with him. After just one session, the man turned Pavel away telling him he’d never be good at his newfound passion. His mother, however, was his biggest fan and encouraged him to keep going.

Never give up

So Pavel turned his focus to sketching as airbrush tools were not easily accessible back then. He soon found himself drawing at school and sketching for friends in his free time, falling deeper in love with his art. Inspired by a tattoo his sister got, Pavel too began to ink his friends and neighbors, offering the service free of charge at first. When his skill improved, he began to earn real money following his passion. At 19, he graduated from high school and moved to UK with his girlfriend at the time. His first job in the new country was at a factory, but Pavel never stopped practicing his art. After a friend reintroduced him to airbrushing, he painted his own helmet and the rest is history.

Art as passion

Today, Pavel is an award-winning airbrushing artist who decorates helmets with badass custom designs influenced by the skull and bones aesthetic – emblems of defiance – as well as the punk, heavy metal, death metal and rap sub cultures. Pavel’s helmets are a symbol of mischief with a hint of menace coalescing into a signature aesthetic that is both alluring and memorable. He has since opened up his own studio, Blaze Art Works and has designed and painted countless unique helmet designs, continuously creating new products aimed at bikers and motorsport performers who need helmet protection coupled with badass style.

smashing stereotypes

Pavel believes that every person is an artist deep inside them and has their own unique vision, so he is always trying to draw out artistic ideas from the customers he works with, translating them into unique, one of a kind pieces that they can be proud of. Blaze Art Works delivers on premium urban grunge and artistic cool design, smashing stereotypes with its ‘art meets biker’ street sentiment. Pavel is married with three children. He spends his free time riding his motorcycle and teaching his eldest child the art of airbrushing.


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