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Founder Bio

I firmly hold the conviction that within every individual lies a hidden artist, waiting to be discovered and expressed

Pavel Vlasov

Per Aspera Ad Astra

At the age of 10, Pavel Vlasov, also known as 'Paul', discovered his passion for airbrushing. The moment he saw an artist creating stunning graphics at a fairground, he was captivated and determined to master the art himself. Growing up in Latvia, Pavel faced challenges due to his family's limited means, but his dedication to airbrushing remained unshaken. After an initial discouraging lesson from the fairground artist, Pavel's resolve only strengthened, buoyed by his mother's unwavering support. This early experience of perseverance laid the foundation for his artistic journey."

Never give up

Pavel Vlasov, turning limitations into opportunities, shifted his focus to sketching due to the inaccessibility of airbrush tools. His talent blossomed through drawing at school and for friends, deepening his love for art. Inspired by his sister's tattoo, Pavel ventured into tattooing, initially offering his services for free. As his skills sharpened, he began earning from his art. At 19, after graduating high school, Pavel moved to the UK. Though he started working in a factory, he never ceased honing his artistic skills. A reintroduction to airbrushing led him to paint his own helmet, marking a turning point in his career.

Art as passion

Today, Pavel is a renowned airbrush artist, known for his striking helmet designs that blend elements of skull and bones – symbols of rebellion – with influences from punk, heavy metal, death metal, and rap subcultures. His helmets, a mix of mischief and menace, have become his signature style, captivating and memorable. Pavel now runs Blaze Art Works, a studio where he continues to craft unique helmets, combining safety with an edgy aesthetic for bikers and motorsport enthusiasts.

smashing stereotypes

Pavel holds a firm belief that everyone harbors an inner artist with a unique vision. At Blaze Art Works, he dedicates himself to extracting these artistic ideas from his customers, transforming them into distinct, one-of-a-kind pieces they can cherish. His studio is renowned for merging premium urban grunge with artistic flair, breaking down stereotypes by blending art with biker culture. Pavel, a family man with three children, finds joy in motorcycle rides and passing down the art of airbrushing to his eldest, nurturing the next generation of creativity.".


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