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June 8Th, 2018

The skull and the motorcycle helmets. Symbolism in man as far back as the head-hunters.

On this page, you will Find the best collection of the skull helmets ever airbrushed on streetfighter Crash helmets by us, every helmet is unique and have some features that distinguish it from others,   we always looking for new ideas to make these helmets look even scarier and crazier than previous designs, and customers play big role in this process,   if like  you want to order one of these please use this link to request your unique skull design that will impress or shock everyone around you .

The biker and the skull, as commonly seen together as leather and tattoos an unmistakable perfect match. Like skulls or not, it is the most universally recognizable symbol to motorcycle culture in the planet. If not standard issue on the steel horse itself, an added accessory easily adapted into almost any style. To the Aztecs, the skull was both a symbol of death and reincarnation, brought forward across through the ages into what is now the Day Of The Dead festivals , The skull has also often been used as a well-displayed trophy depicted upon entrances to various indigenous tribes, such as the cannibals from the island of Borneo in years past. Even in today’s world, you can commonly see a skull and crossbones displayed in your local supermarket. Boldly noted across products identifying them as dangerous. We have been taught to symbolize skulls with an air of caution.

Misfit inspired Crimpson skull helmet

Why should you go for helmet custom painted in a Skull theme?

Skulls for luck, skulls for toughness, skulls for mortality or skulls danger. They all slightly differ in their meaning to the person boasting them, however, they can easily rustle up a strong biker connection. It is no surprise one of the most recognized motorcycle companies in the world uses the skull to represent their brand. Harley Davidson has been reworking the look of the skull into every conceivable product for resale on the planet. I wonder how well sales would be doing if they had used, say, the highly intimidating unicorn.

Military style helmet pararealistic skull helmet design on crash lid

 Bikers are often seen to have one foot in the grave, I might recommend having the look opposed to the reality.  The skull “look”, is etched across steel fenders, as buttons on leather jackets, and inked in skin for a lifetime. Getting the unique look on something like a skull helmet can be the pinnacle of your biker gear, sure to impress at all rider events or just riding your bike across town. You could turn heads and drop mouths with both Screamin’ Eagle exhaust or a really cool motorcycle helmet, just depends on if you want to deafen them or impress them. I might recommend leaving people with a visual impression rather than a hearing impairment.

Ways to get your helmet done 

Though some people prefer to custom paint and airbrush their helmets on their own, it is always advisable to hire professionals for doing so Hire Professional Service Provider For successful helmet custom painting and airbrushing, it is mandatory to consider a few things. Foremost, you need to find the right and perfect paint for airbrushing and custom painting. Moreover, you also need to invest in the right tools for preparing your helmet for painting. Other aspects include removing the unnecessary parts which you do not want to paint and using an ideal cleaner for cleaning the outer shell of your helmet. In addition, you also need to be very careful while choosing a design to be painted on your helmet. All these aspects are mandatory for getting a picture perfect design on your helmet and a professional service provider can lend you a helping hand in getting it you can find some of our popular design below, if you want a true Bespoke personalized helmet please use our contact form, and we will be happy to assist you.  

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  • And we always pushing our limit providing a top-notch artwork that will give you enjoyment for years to come  


Skull helmet with Cracks and spider

Here a are some examples of our work in 360 view check it out