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June 8Th, 2018

top 5  custom painted Joker motorcycle helmets

A bit of History........

Joker Character Almost killed off as soon as he was brought to life. DC Comics character The Joker wasn’t meant to last more than one comic. This scenario of constantly alluding death set the scene for the history of Joker as we know it. From here Joker’s role as Batman’s archenemy became just as important as Batman himself. We’ve captured the evolution of The Joker in a series of unique airbrushed helmets each as mesmerizing as each version of The Joker. 

Joker custom airbrushed helmet

Hardcore Joker fans will recall that the Joker did not begin with a Hollywood line up of villain superheroes in blockbuster movies. The original Joker character was brought to life by three DC Comics founders on April 25th, 1940.

In Batman comic #1, the Joker was born. When questioned over the years, the DC comics creators Bill Finger, Bob Kane, & Jerry Robinson couldn’t agree on which one of them deserved credit for the creation of the Joker. To make matters more confusing, none of the men could agree where the inspiration for Joker was taken from.

One version is that Joker was taken from the often discarded jester charcter of a similar look in a deck of playing cards. The other version is that Joker was spawned from the character Gwynplaine in the 1928 film “The Man Who Laughs”. Gwynplaine has an unforgettable disfigured face the causes him to continually grin in a sinister-looking way. A creepy grin like this is easily recognizable on The Joker we know today.

This historical cartoony version that evolved through the original Batman comic book series is one of our first custom helmet The Joker designs. Diehard fans who are unmoved by the evolution of The Joker and remain true to the cartoon anti-hero will appreciate this design. This is the character that spurred more than 80-years of Batman battles and endless anarchy for audiences.

If you are true to your roots and appreciate an unmoved anti-hero, this is the Joker painted motorcycle helmet for you. The cartoon style is more than just a Joker helmet, it’s a symbol of Batman comic booker series and probably a symbol of you.

Joker style Motorbike helmet graphics Black and Whhite Joker helmet design

Joker custom airbrushed motorbike helmet design 

Heath Ledger Joker Custom Motorcycle Helmet 

heath ledger Joker helmet

Are you the deep, dark, mysterious type? The rider in the group who knows everyone, yet no one ever knows much about you? Have you been riding buddies with people for years and find that they still hardly know you? 

The Heath Ledger custom paint motorcycle helmet is inspired by the late actor who encompassed the psychopathic criminal mastermind side of the Joker-like no one before him.  Now you can have your own version of a helmet and look like no one else on the road. 

In 2008 the highly anticipated movie The Dark Knight was released to audiences around the world. This blockbuster version taken from the Batman series was said to bring a darker side of comic book series to life, or to death, depending on how you view it. Heath Ledger took Joker to the charismatic highs and dramatic lows in an unbelievable way, but critics wonder if the actor took the role too far. Did Heath take on too many of The Joker’s negative attributes unable to disassociate himself from these diabolical characteristics once the camera stopped rolling? 

After filming, Ledger was unable to sleep at night. He said that his mind was too busy and sited not getting much more than two hours of rest each night. Just 6-months before the release of the film, a deadly mixture of prescribed Ambien sleeping pills and self-medicating drugs proved to be too much for actor and he succumbed to an accidental overdose.

The legend, the mystery, the darkness, and the evil of this disturbed clown come together in our custom air-brushed Health Ledger Joker custom helmet. If you think this mad-man of mysterious reflects within you, we dare you to get your own.

Ask yourself, do you want this helmet? If not… “Why so serious?”

Airbrush Joker Helmet - Jared Leto Version

Joker Custom motorcycle helmet Jared Leto

The boss of the uncontrolled underworld, leading a ruthless pack of ruthless mobsters from the most unruly of backgrounds in the movie Suicide Squad. Jared Leto brought his take on The Joker to life in a contrasting modern-classic way that saw The Joker’s psychopathic side forever working for and against itself. Here the classic clown with no real superhero abilities meets the modern mobster who needs to rely on his cunning abilities.


In the 2016 release of the Suicide Squad, The Joker was seen for the first time sporting the look of this modern gangster inked up in tattoos to reflect his badass attitude. In this version, the green-haired evil-villain seemed to be stirring the pot with endless phycological games that kept even himself wondering what was going on at times.


Are you the trickster, prankster, mastermind? Do you thrive on a bit of chaos? Maybe you’re the leader of a motorcycle pack of pranksters who ride ruthlessly throughout the streets leaving a wake of trouble or terror in its path. Walking a fine line between genius and insanity isn’t a quality that is easily mastered bt everyone, but maybe that’s what makes you uniquely you.


Jarad Leto’s Joker takes on these quirky and crazy qualities and we craft them into your custom airbrushed helmet to highlight your split personality styles. If you thought the Joker was turning heads in the theater, wait until you see the heads turning while you rip through the streets.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Custom Airbrush Helmet 

A look through the eyes of mental illness and life’s continual struggles allows fans to see what life is like for those often misunderstood, marginalized and rejected by society. Arthur Fleck who evolves into Joker tries to fit in with the way the world wants him to be, but openly notes that “The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't”.

Joaquin’s Joker starts off trying to play by society’s rules only to find acceptance by the misfits and outcasts of Gotham City. As Fleck/Joker realizes that an unmedicated version of himself is one he can accept more than the medicated one, he embraces himself and seeks revenge in a falling an unjust world. 

There is a city full of marginalized Jokers who can relate to this unjust world and seek revenge under the unappointed leadership of a brightly and smart-dressed clown who’s following blindly in the confidence of his unstable illness. 

Joker Custom helmet

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Here are some more Badass examples of a Joker style helmets

During the past 8 years we did a lot of various joker styles, here are the most popular 

  • We can offer a Classic style Joker with a 3D Effect 

  • The legendary Heath ledger Style Joker 

  • Or A most evil of them all 'Blazing Joker' this helmet

Joker style Motorbike helmet graphics  Joker helmet