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ETERNAL Tribute  

Eternal Tribute: The Memorial Series Helmets

Our 'Memorial Series' offers a profound way to honor personal and collective memories through the art of airbrushed helmets. Each piece in this series is a unique story, a canvas of remembrance. We meticulously tailor each helmet to reflect individual narratives and service – from the striking silhouette of a soldier to the delicate beauty of poppy flowers symbolizing 'Lest We Forget.'

For those with specific ties, such as service in a Tank regiment, we craft themes encompassing powerful tank imagery alongside marching soldiers. For others, the elegant flight of a Spitfire plane might soar across their helmet, capturing the essence of their experiences or tributes.

Every helmet is more than an accessory; it’s a personalized piece of history, a wearable monument. Whether it's a tribute to a personal journey, a fallen comrade, or a significant event, our Memorial Series helmets are hand-painted with precision and care, ensuring that each detail tells a part of a much larger story – your story. Connect with us to create a helmet that not only protects but also perpetuates the legacy of bravery and sacrifice."


Our Memorial designs are versatile, fitting a wide range of helmet models. Unlike our Character designs, which are specific to certain types, the Memorial themes adapt beautifully to various shapes and sizes. Browse our selection of different models available for order. If you have a preferred model not listed, let us know, and we can arrange it for you.

For a seamless process, you can order your helmet online from sportsbikeshop.co.uk or a similar retailer and have it delivered directly to us. Alternatively, we can provide a comprehensive quote for both the helmet and our custom paintwork.

If you already own a helmet that's seen better days, we can rejuvenate it with a unique Memorial design. Explore our Memorial Series collection, or reach out for more information if you don’t find what you’re looking for. We're here to help create a helmet that's not just a protective gear but a personal tribute.

Realistic Skull Reaper custom helmet


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combat collection
The "Valor Series" helmets blend military honor with road-ready grit. Featuring skull designs crowned with regimental berets and badges, each helmet salutes the brave and the bold. Ride with pride, wrapped in the legacy of heroes.
Battlefield tribute
The 'Memorial Series' is a tribute to the echoes of the past, capturing the essence of historical valor on the road. Each helmet is a canvas of remembrance, featuring scenes of soldiers in battlefields, delicate poppy flowers, vintage WW2 planes, and powerful artillery. These designs honor the spirit of those who served with bravery and sacrifice. Ride with a piece of history, carrying the legacy of heroes and the poignant beauty of their stories.
This jaw-dropping lid design, Venom, drips with aggression and menace. Spiked teeth add to its an intimidating aura. Choose your style - from blood splatters to dripping saliva, a wave of flames or a brutal nailed and Streched mask that screams “I run the pack”
bring a little life to your style and your look. Smiley face helmet (Grisnter) has been one of the most popular design in recent years due to the atmosphere it creates when appearing on the road among the gray masses. Smiley design available in range of colors and a choice of smiley style that match your personality, match a design to your Bike or leather style
Join the skull tribe - if you dare? This custom painted lid is perfect for any brazen biker. Its stunning artwork shows all the bones of the skull, with a mesmerizing finish that’s sure to turn heads.
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Send your own helmet

Did you know that you can send your own helmet to us for a custom redesign? Just provide us with a few photos of your helmet along with your design ideas, and we'll offer a free quote.

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