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The Regimental Honor 

Royal corps of transport Regiment beret motorcycle helmet    Sas regiment custom helmet      Paratrooper beret design on a motorcycle helmet

Helmets of Honor: The Regimental Tribute Series

It all began with an inspired idea from John Luke, an ex-paratrooper with a vision. He proposed adding a regimental beret to one of my skull designs on a motorcycle helmet. Intrigued by the concept, I crafted the first few pieces, aiming to support a military charity through our efforts. The response was overwhelming, as veterans and service members from across the UK and beyond reached out, commending the unique blend of art and homage. Encouraged by this reception, I expanded the range to include various regimental skulls, from the Parachute Regiment to the Royal Marines, among others. Each design is a labor of love, infused with the respect and admiration I hold for these brave souls. While the initial versions were humble beginnings, they laid the groundwork for the refined and detailed creations that I now produce. Craftsmanship and quality are at the heart of each piece. Recognizing the significance these helmets hold for those who wear them, I dedicate a considerable amount of time to every helmet, ensuring that each is a fitting tribute. This meticulous approach means that I can only craft a limited number each month, but it also guarantees that each helmet is not just a protective gear but a masterpiece of honor and memory. This journey has been more than just creating helmets; it has been about capturing stories, valor, and the spirit of those who have served. As the 'Regimental Honor' series continues to grow, so does the legacy of those it represents - a legacy of bravery, camaraderie, and pride that transcends time and borders."


Our chosen canvases for these bespoke designs are the Matrix Alpha and Matrix Street FX Pro helmets, renowned for their superior quality and unique shape. These models closely mimic the contours of a human skull and boast a low-profile design, making them an exemplary canvas for our intricate artwork. Beyond their artistic suitability, these helmets present an impressive look when adorned by bikers. We also welcome and skillfully work with customer-supplied helmets, such as those from Simpson and Scorpion, which similarly align with our design ethos. If you possess a helmet that you wish to transform into a meaningful piece of tribute and honor, we invite you to get in touch with us. Each project is a journey of turning protective gear into a profound symbol of respect and remembrance.

Realistic Skull Reaper custom helmet


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combat collection
The "Valor Series" helmets blend military honor with road-ready grit. Featuring skull designs crowned with regimental berets and badges, each helmet salutes the brave and the bold. Ride with pride, wrapped in the legacy of heroes.
Battlefield tribute
The 'Memorial Series' is a tribute to the echoes of the past, capturing the essence of historical valor on the road. Each helmet is a canvas of remembrance, featuring scenes of soldiers in battlefields, delicate poppy flowers, vintage WW2 planes, and powerful artillery. These designs honor the spirit of those who served with bravery and sacrifice. Ride with a piece of history, carrying the legacy of heroes and the poignant beauty of their stories.
This jaw-dropping lid design, Venom, drips with aggression and menace. Spiked teeth add to its an intimidating aura. Choose your style - from blood splatters to dripping saliva, a wave of flames or a brutal nailed and Streched mask that screams “I run the pack”
bring a little life to your style and your look. Smiley face helmet (Grisnter) has been one of the most popular design in recent years due to the atmosphere it creates when appearing on the road among the gray masses. Smiley design available in range of colors and a choice of smiley style that match your personality, match a design to your Bike or leather style
Join the skull tribe - if you dare? This custom painted lid is perfect for any brazen biker. Its stunning artwork shows all the bones of the skull, with a mesmerizing finish that’s sure to turn heads.
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Send your own helmet

Did you know that you can send your own helmet to us for a custom redesign? Just provide us with a few photos of your helmet along with your design ideas, and we'll offer a free quote.

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